Finally we managed to get out for the first Minihead of the season! Well done to everyone who raced. Thank you to Ian and Andrew for doing the start timing and Bruce and Marc for doing the finish.

Crew Boat Boat Type Time Basic Ranking Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Jules, Tabs Own Boat Mx E 2x 00:18:56 1 00:15:19 1
Rodney Kanga M C 1x 00:20:08 2 00:16:13 2
Sally, Debs Big Ron W B 2x 00:20:09 3 00:16:19 3
Linda, Pippa, Trish, Jo Inspireation W E 4x 00:20:57 4 00:17:16 4
Olly, Ros Red Mist W B 2x 00:22:33 5 00:18:16 5
Liz, Deirdre, Sandra, Harriet, Freya Eve W F 4+ 00:24:07 6 00:18:54 6

Back in the early Autumn over a post rowing coffee Keith suggested that URC should go cross country skiing and so it began. Six members of Upton RC decided to accompany Keith and try something different by way of winter training so they ventured out to Seefeld in the Austrian Alps for some cross-country skiing.  Despite having never done this sport before they were quickly able to get the idea and benefit from some great exercise in the most beautiful environment as the photos below bear witness.  Seefeld plays host to the Nordic Skiing World Championships 19 Feb – 3 Mar 19 and the experts can be seen in action on Eurosport, or streamed from the FIS website on the same tracks as used by the Upton rowers.