Last night, Peter Barker was awarded 2017 British Rowing Volunteer of the Year at the annual British Rowing volunteer and coach awards dinner at Henley upon Thames.

This is a fantastic yet thoroughly deserved achievement which rewards all of the hard work that Peter has provided to both our club and to British Rowing.

We hope everyone will continue to support Peter and all of the other volunteers that help run this great club.

Upton RC Committee

Winners of the 2017 British Rowing national Volunteer of the Year awards announced



Well done to Peter for winning the British Rowing West Midlands Volunteer of the Year! (and for being the Poster boy on the British Rowing article)

Peter will be presented with his award at a special dinner on Saturday when British Rowing will also announce the winner of the National Volunteer of the Year.

British Rowing’s 2017 Volunteer and Coach of the Year Award winners announced

Well done to everyone who participated in the mini-head. Our biggest turnout so far, this year. Thanks also to our starters Peter and Richard and our finishers Bruce and Marc.

Here are the results:

Crew Boat Boat Type Time Basic Ranking Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Jules Own Boat M E 1x 00:18:42 2 00:14:34 1
Adam, Rich, Charles, Jon Gabby M B 4x 00:17:10 1 00:16:20 2
Deirdre, Sue, Tabs, Pippa, Liz, Maggie, Debbie, Alice, Johnny Torquing Heads W D 8+ 00:19:03 3 00:16:35 3
Paula, Cara, Sandra, Helen Kay W E 4x 00:20:40 5 00:17:02 4
Steve, Dan, Maurice, Fergus, Rob Jumbo M D 4+ 00:19:24 4 00:17:22 5
Andrew, George Miss Erica M G 2x 00:21:49 8 00:17:45 6
Chris, Lance C'est La Vie M E 2x 00:20:58 7 00:17:48 7
James, John Red Mist M C 2x 00:20:41 6 00:18:10 8
Peter, Colin, Malcolm, Clive, Karen Eve M H 4+ 00:22:39 9 00:18:34 9
Richard, Allan Royal Beth M D 2x 00:22:59 10 00:19:50 10
Chris, Olly, Janine, Mandie, Ian Stephen Of London Mx C 4x+ 00:24:18 11 00:21:17 11
John, Peter, Bob, Richard, Linda Steve Cox M E 4+ 00:26:22 12 00:23:14 12

Thanks for participating in the first mini-head of the season. Great turnout and some good racing. Thanks also to our starters Mandy and Liz, our finishers Bruce and Marc and Jo for stepping in as a cox.

Here are the results:

Crew Boat Time Basic Ranking Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Jules, Tabitha Mx D 2x 00:19:42 1 00:16:11 1
Sally, Debbie W B 2x 00:20:38 3 00:16:43 2
Maurice, Johnny, Chris, Maggie Mx E 4x 00:20:34 2 00:17:45 3
Paula, Cara, Sandra, Helen W E 4x 00:21:36 4 00:17:48 4
Andrew, George M G 2x 00:22:34 5 00:18:22 5
Sue, Pippa W D 2x 00:23:36 7 00:18:31 6
Annie, Daisy W J16 2x 00:22:51 6 00:18:43 7
Deirdre, Freya, Malcolm, Pauline, Jo Mx G 4+ 00:24:46 8 00:19:55 8
Olly, Janine W C 2x 00:25:10 9 00:20:05 9
John, Peter, Bob, Richard, James M E Rec 4+ 00:26:32 11 00:21:02 10
Richard, Allan M D 2x 00:26:31 10 00:22:53 11

Club Awards were presented at this years annual dinner by Maurice, Peter, Steve and Wendy Semple.

This year saw the introduction of a new cup for the Best Junior Crew of the Year. This award was kindly donated by the Semple family in memory of David Semple, a founding member of the club who passed away earlier this year and will be sadly missed.

Well done to this years recipients:

Award Awarded For Recipient(s)
Committee Cup Non-Rowing Contribution Pauline Mason
Secretary’s Cup Cox of the Year Annie Derwent
Captain’s Cup Competitive Rowing Contribution Peter Barker and Ron Patterson
Chairman’s Cup Best Men’s Crew Jon Eaton, Richard Gill, Adam Checkley, Stuart Edney
President’s Cup Best Women’s Crew Sally Miles, Debbie Thompson and Jo Hammett, Trish Scorer, Pippa Riddell, Linda Scott
Treasurer’s Cup Junior Rower of the Year Daisy
Semple Cup Junior Crew of the Year Josh and Archie
Lambert Plate Most Outstanding Crew Stuart Edney and Debbie Thompson
Calamity Cup For getting Montel well and truly stuck in a tree Jon Eaton and Adam Checkley