David Semple was a founder member of Upton Rowing Club which was formed in 1995. Throughout the life of the club he was a stalwart and enthusiastic supporter of all aspects of club activity. He was chairman of the club for a number of years before taking on the role of president. He will always be remembered for his wit and good humour and was always ready to help the club with fundraising.  He will be dearly missed.

The club recently acquired several new boats including an eight – all of which needed naming. It was thought that the eight should be called ‘David Semple’ but in seeking his permission he suggested that it should be called ‘OK Dave’ which is how his granddaughter Eleanor greeted him and became a family catchphrase.

The boat was duly named ‘OK Dave’ by Eleanor on Sunday, 30th April at a ceremony held at the clubhouse and attended by family and many members and friends. Though David was much missed it was a happy event with many stories being told about David’s adventures.

David’s family, from left to right back row:  His wife Wendy, Beki, Cardboard Cutout of David, Marc, Andrew Front Row: Jacob, George, Eleanor and Imogen.

Upton didn’t win any events at Evesham this weekend, but won a few races along the way.  Daisy Haynes and Archie Tyrell recorded our first junior victory by beating a crew from Llandaff in MxJ15 2x before going down to a double from City of Oxford in the semi final. Dee Haynes won her first race in Masters  Novice 1x, beating a Worcester sculler by two lengths, before losing in the final to a Hereford sculler.  Andrew Scott and Jeremy Harwood overcame a 5 second handicap to beat a Llandaff crew in Masters F/G 2x but lost to Evesham in their final.  Our other crews also had creditable performances against their respective opponents and gained valuable experience in the process.  Unfortunately, five other crews we had originally entered had to scratch because of various ailments or the absence of opposition.

Meanwhile, at the British Universities championships in Nottingham, club member Jack Gibson has won a superb silver medal in the Lightweight 1x event.

Thanks for participating in the final minihead of the season. Great turnout and some good racing. Thanks also to our starters Ferg and John, and our finishers Bruce and Marc.

Ron has also sent a link to his videos:

Here are the results:

Crew Boat Time Basic Ranking Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Dee&Pippa WMasDx 00:23:57 12 00:18:47 8
Deirdre, Pauline, Sandy, Freya cox Peter WMasG 4+ 00:25:51 14 00:19:50 12
Ron&george Mas G 2x 00:24:09 13 00:19:39 11
Johnny, Helen, Sandra, Paula MxMasE 4x 00:22:23 8 00:18:53 9
Paddy, Richard, Malcolm, Andrew cox yes. (Jumbo Edwards) MasH 4+ 00:23:14 10 00:19:03 10
Josh, George,Olly, Daisy MxJ17 4x- 00:23:38 11 00:20:30 14
Liz & Maggie WMasF 2- 00:22:04 7 00:16:06 3
Linda, Jo WMasFx 00:22:01 6 00:16:39 4
IanMacMillan(worc) MasF1x 00:22:56 9 00:17:29 6
Andrew & Jeremy MasF 2x 00:21:15 5 00:17:40 7
Jules & Tabs MxMasD2x 00:19:13 3 00:15:47 2
James, Andy P, Dan, Rich L, Chris H, Matt, Maurice Cox Ian MasC7+ 00:20:57 4 00:20:26 13
SteveByford(birm) 1x 00:18:54 2 00:15:37 1
Stuart, Adam, Rich, Jon. MasC 4x 00:18:03 1 00:16:56 5

Here are the results from yesterday.

Well done to Steve Byford from Birmingham for battling through the conditions and showing everyone else how its done, and well done to everyone else for getting through the lumpy conditions which developed on the day. Some good tight racing between the doubles for honours, with only 11 seconds separating 2nd and 4th.
Thanks to the timekeepers – Pippa, Johnny, Bruce and Ferg, and also thanks to everyone for paying.

Please see Ron’s message with a link to videos of the minihead:
(Clip ‘d’ is not for those of a sensitive disposition, and those who
might be offended by my judgment on my own steering should turn the
sound off.)

So the bit you’ve been waiting for, here are the results:

Crew Boat Time Basic Ranking Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Deirdre, Malcolm, Sandy, Pauline, cox Peter MxMasF 4+ 00:25:02 14 00:20:05 13
Ron Mas G 1x 00:26:56 15 00:20:05 13
Josh, Archie, Daisy Ellie, coxed Annie MxJ15 4x+ 00:22:37 9 00:18:44 10
Steve Pritchard (Birm) MasF1x 00:21:29 7 00:16:23 3
Rhian (Birm) WMasE1x 00:24:09 13 00:17:06 7
Liz & Maggie WMasE 2- 00:22:30 8 00:16:47 5
Caroline Kelley (Birm) W MasA 1x 00:23:34 12 00:17:42 8
Linda, Olwyn, Allan, Lance Mx MasD4x 00:23:13 11 00:20:22 15
Cara, Helen, Sandra, Paula WMasE 4x 00:23:04 10 00:19:01 11
Andrew & Jeremy MasF 2x 00:21:25 6 00:17:49 9
Steve Byford (Birm) 1x 00:19:06 1 00:15:47 1
Stuart & Debs MxMasB2x 00:19:38 4 00:16:39 4
Jules & Tabs Mx MasD 2x 00:19:35 3 00:16:06 2
James, Chris W, Chris H, Chris E, Rich L, Andy P, Rob B, Maurice, Cox Ian MasC 8+ 00:20:31 5 00:20:00 12
Adam, Rich Mas C 2x 00:19:27 2 00:17:05 6

The next and final race of the season is on Sunday 19th March.

I hope you all enjoyed the race today. A fantastic turnout for January, and much better conditions than was forecast. Thanks to the junior parents Howard and Jane who started the race today, and Bruce and Rob at the finish. Well done to the men’s MasC quad of Stuart, Adam, Rich and Jon for posting the fastest time today – over a minute up on Jules & Tabs on elapsed time, but were just 14s behind them after handicaps.

Can the 11 people who haven’t paid their £2 seat fee yet please do so by next weekend. We have names so know who you are!

Ron has sent a link to video footage: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y4r48c6jg78a4i7/AACSc8I7yXRqsI1cZ3QQdQZ9a?dl=0

So the bit you’ve been waiting for: here are the results:

Crew Boat Time Basic Ranking Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Kerenza & Chloe WJ15 2x 00:23:26 12 00:18:06 11
Dee & Pippa WMasE 2x 00:23:11 11 00:17:54 8
Ron Mas G 1x 00:23:55 13 00:17:50 7
Rhian (Birm) WMasE1x 00:23:00 10 00:16:17 3
Daisy & Archie Mx J15 2x 00:22:44 8 00:18:00 10
Caroline Kelley (Birm) W MasA 1x 00:21:55 6 00:16:27 4
John Davies, Olwyn, Chris W, Peta, Richard P, Chris E, Patrick, Fergus, cox Ian Mx Mas D 8+ 00:24:19 14 00:22:44 14
Helen Paula, Sandra, Johnny Mx MasF4x 00:21:31 4 00:18:39 12
Trish & Alice WMasB 2x 00:22:10 7 00:17:57 9
Jo & Linda WMasF 2x 00:21:49 5 00:16:30 5
James, Allan, Janine, Liz Mx MasC 4x 00:22:52 9 00:20:25 13
Maurice, Lance, Chris H, Rob B masD 4x 00:18:51 2 00:17:22 6
Jules & Tabs Mx Mas E 2x 00:18:54 3 00:15:17 1
Stuart, Adam, Rich, Jon Mas C 4x 00:17:40 1 00:15:31 2

Next event 26 Feb.