Upton RC Mini-Head Sun Dec 15th

A mini-head was held on 15th Dec with 11 boats participating (surely a record ?). It was an eventful morning with some sections of the river resembling the Bay of Biscay and some interesting steering challenges !

The results are as follows, with Johnny Birks’ quad being the fastest boat on the day, but with Sally and Debbie in the pair winning overall using the handicap adjusted times.

Handicap adjustments Crew Boat Time Basic Ranking Boat Sex Age Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking Sally/Debbie WA2- 00:35:07 4 0.85 0.90 1.000 00:26:52 1 Maggie + WE4x 00:33:23 2 0.96 0.90 0.939 00:27:05 2 Matt B1x 00:36:38 5 0.79 1.00 0.989 00:28:37 3 Ron F1x 00:40:10 9 0.79 1.00 0.916 00:29:04 4 Andy/Judy MixG2x 00:38:37 6 0.89 0.95 0.893 00:29:09 5 Johnny + F4x 00:33:14 1 0.96 1.00 0.916 00:29:13 6 Trish/Dee WB2x 00:39:09 7 0.89 0.90 0.989 00:31:01 7 Mike + C4x 00:33:28 3 0.96 1.00 0.974 00:31:18 8 Freya + WE4+ 00:39:51 8 0.93 0.90 0.939 00:31:19 9 Helen/Lynne WE2x- 00:43:30 10 0.89 0.90 0.939 00:32:43 10 Peter + MixF4x+ 00:45:51 11 0.94 0.95 0.916 00:37:30 11

Committee Meeting Minutes Nov 2013

The minutes of the November URC Committee Meeting can … Continue reading

*Now Live* – New URC website, Facebook and Twitter Pages

In our ongoing efforts to drag UptonRC into the 21st century, today we launch the new website that now includes the vast majority of information available about Upton RC for both members and non-members. Highlights include:

  • Links (in the header for each page) to our new Facebook and Twitter pages. Please become members/follow and we will monitor how successful they are. These should both help with our club communications and allow dissemination of news (such as no-rowing notices) quickly.
  • A members only area (this requires a password and allows club documents to be downloaded, along with details regarding subscriptions, the club officials, club kit etc) and is the new location for the “Cool Heads” newsletter.
  • A link to the Environment Agency web page for Saxons Lode to check on the current river level (Follow: About>River Severn and then click on the EA logo)
  • A section about the history of of Upton RC and information on the town, the river etc
  • A google map link to the marina/boathouse
  • Links to British Rowing etc
  • A contact form for enquiries to the club

“Cool Heads” is included … Continue reading

“Cool Heads” – 27th Oct 2013

Changes to Saturday Morning Rowing

Competitive Rowing/Coaching (08:30) – In order to continue the development of the club in competition, this will now be organised by Ron Paterson and be by invitation for settled/planned crews with a view to racing in future events. These crews will have priority over boats and equipment.

Saturday Club Rowing (08:30) – due to the popularity of the Saturday morning rowing session, an additional club rowing session will be now be held, but be separate from the Competitive Rowing activities. This will also be held at 08:30 but will require those wishing to attend to email Mike at comms@uptonrc.org.uk by Thursday evening each (as before).

If members have any feedback on this change then please email comms@uptonrc.org.uk.

Club Dinner – Friday 15th November 2013

This year, the annual club dinner will be held at the Anchor Inn, Upton. The numbers are limited to 50, (with partners being welcome to attend) and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Further details will follow, but if you wish to book then contact Pauline at membership@uptonrc.org.uk

Winter Mini-Heads

The schedule for this year’s mini-heads has now … Continue reading