We had an excellent day today by nipping over the border to Monmouth. Here are the highlights:

DSC_1254Andrew had entered for Masters F/G single sculls. He was drawn against a Masters G sculler from Bewdley who had a six second start to take account of the age differential. This produced one of the tightest races of the regatta, but Andrew hunted him down all the way down the course and came through in the last few strokes to win by 1/3 of a length. This took him to the semifinal where he met a sculler from Staines, but before the race started his opponent apparently sustained a muscle injury and withdrew from the race. In the final he raced against a very classy sculler from Molesey who had won the equivalent event the previous day, and Andrew was unable to match the Molesey sculler’s pace. But overall this was a very good performance in what was only his second ever regatta in a single scull.

Our women’s quad of Linda, Liz, Jo and Maggie was drawn against a composite Welsh crew from Llandaff andDSC_1275 City of Swansea in a straight final of the Masters D/E 4x event. As the older crew this time Upton had a 5 second start, but the younger Welsh composite were unable to make any inroads into this margin and our quad rowed away to a decisive victory. The only threat to their win was a malfunctioning rudder which meant they had to steer with their oars, but they still managed to extend their lead in the closing stages while exerting minimal pressure with their right hand blades in order to stay on line for the finish.

Our third entry was in Masters E 2x where Jo and Linda again had a straight final, this time against a different Llandaff crew. As they had done in the quad, they took control of the race from the start and drew steadily away all down the course to a clear victory. DSC_1309

So a very good day for the club. Lots more to come this DSC_1332summer we hope!


A report from Ron on the URC entries at Evesham Regatta:

We had six Upton entries at Evesham Regatta today. Our only winner was Jack Gibson, who won the Junior 18 single sculls . Jack was also the runner up in the same event on Saturday over a longer course. IMG_0478 In addition:

• Toby rowed well in his first appearance in Novice sculls, maintaining an overlap throughout the race but eventually lost his DSC_1040heat by three quarters of a length to a sculler from Hollowell Scullers

• Jo and Linda were unable to find any Masters opposition so had to enter the Intermediate 3 2x event. They lost by about two lengths to the eventual winners from City of Oxford, who were at least 35 years younger than them!

• Sally and Debbie had the same problem (no Masters opposition) and also lost to the same City of Oxford crew.

• Andrew and Jeremy were beaten by a tidy-looking crew from Huntingdon in Masters E/F 2xDSC_1053

DSC_1062• Andrew bravely made his debut as a single sculler in blustery conditions and coped well but lost to a sculler from Stourport

A useful pipe-opener to the season even if we didn’t come away with much in the way of victories this time.