Nottingham Regatta

Reports from Ron on the URC entries at Nottingham Masters:

The crews who raced at Nottingham had to cope with very challenging conditions. There was a strong and blustery cross/headwind which also made the water very lumpy, particularly in the lower-numbered lanes which was usually where our crews were drawn. These conditions eventually caused the organisers to cancel racing altogether for some of the junior crews.

DSC_1152Upton recorded one victory – Jules and Tabs won the Mixed Mas D 2x. A strong City of Oxford crew led the field DSC_1196from the start, but Jules and Tabs caught them by the half way mark then pulled gradually away for the remainder of the race to win by a length (Photo Left). Jules also came close in the Mas E 1x, where his main rival was Gwilliam of Stourport, who is the reigning British champion in this category. With Gwilliam in lane 6 and Jules in lane 2 this was always going to be a tall order. In the end, Gwilliam held on by about a length (Photo Right), with all the other scullers trailing at least 100 metres behind.

DSC_1215The women’s Mas E 4x of Linda, Liz, Jo and Maggie also found themselves in lane 2 but battled well into the wind and maintained contact throughout the race (Photo Right) – they lost out in the closing stages but still finished ahead of a Norwich crew in lane 5.

DSC_1138Earlier, Jo and Linda had a good row in Mas E 2x, but from lane 2 (again) finished at the back of the four-boat field (Photo Left).

Andrew and Jeremy (lane 2 – need you ask?) had a similar fate in Mas F 2x (Photo Below Right)



Debbie and Sally were one of the few Upton crews not to be in lane 2 (hooray!). Unfortunately they were in lane 1 (even worse – boo!), but they still managed to finish second in a field of three (Photo Below Left).



So a tough day for everyone, and I only spotted one group who didn’t seem bothered by the weather (Photo Below Right). But it was a good rehearsal for the British Masters Championships on the same course DSC_1202next month, and let’s hope the wind has died down by then.