Worcester Regatta

Four more excellent wins today, this time at Worcester:

  • Linda and Jo added to their large collection of WMasE 2x wins, this time against a double from Warwick
  • Stuart and Jon won MasC 2x by a margin that was increased when their Worcester opponents obligingly hit the bank. (This was poetic justice because Worcester had got the final by beating James and Andy, who had similarly hit the bank in the semi-final.)
  • Linda, Liz, Helen and Jo won WMasE 4x by some distance over Hereford
  • James finished the day by winning MasNovice 1x by 2 1/2 lengths over a sculler from Bridgnorth.

Honourable mention also goes to Chris and Lance who rowed well but unsuccessfully in MasD2x, and to Jemima in J15 1x and Archie and Daisy in J15 2x, the latter racing in their first ever regatta.

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