Club Rowing – Wednesday

With effect from May 7th, Club Rowing will now start at 6:30pm.

Debbie Thompson – Sponsored Trek

A message from Debbie:

I and two colleagues are trekking 50 miles across the Pennines in under 24 hours in June.  We are doing it for a charity called MedEquip4Kid.  The JustGiving link is:

Here is a little bit about them:

MedEquip4Kids works with medical staff, community nurses and other registered charities to provide equipment and improve facilities in hospitals. Our policy is to fund items known to improve the care provided to children, but not readily available within the NHS’ limited budgets.

Increasingly, the larger hospitals employ fundraisers to secure extra funds the NHS cannot provide, but smaller hospitals and community teams do not have access to a fundraising officer. It is common to find nurses and paramedics fundraising in their spare time and during their working day.

MedEquip4Kids believe these staff should be focusing on caring for children and the charity’s aim is to fundraise on their behalf. The money raised is spent directly on the items they request and no money is passed on to any third party.

Patrick and Ros Adams – Bicycle Tour

Since Patrick retired in March, he and Ros and their two dogs have been touring europe on their tandem bicycle (with trailer for the dogs!). Ros has posted a blog entry now they have arrived in Greece.

Evesham Regatta Report – Ron Paterson

Jo and Linda made their first appearance of the season in a Masters double sculls event at Evesham Sprint regatta on Sunday 4 May.  They were drawn against a much younger crew who had come all the way from Carlow RC in Ireland, and were given a handicap start to reflect the difference in the age groups.  Unfortunately, they had a rather sluggish first half of the race – this allowed the Irish crew to catch them very rapidly and take the lead before the halfway mark – but after that they found a good rhythm and pushed Carlow all the way to the line, losing in the end by just half a length.  Carlow were actually a pretty impressive crew and went on to win the event easily, beating an Evesham crew by some distance in the final.  So Jo and Linda were left pondering what might have been if they had managed to get into the race more effectively from the beginning.  All good experience for the future, however!Evesham 2 small

British Rowing Tour 2014 – River Severn

In 2014 Upton RC are delighted to be hosting the 21st British Rowing Tour. The tour will pass through to Upton on it’s journey along the River Severn, starting at Worcester and completing at the southern end of the Sharpness Canal near Gloucester, a distance of 70.5 km. The tour takes place from 28th to 31st August 2014.

Download further details and an application form here.

Learn2Row – 2014

The club is looking for volunteers to assist the coaches with this years’ Learn2Row programme. The sessions will start in April and will be run alongside Club Rowing sessions on Wednesday evening and Saturday and Sunday mornings. Will those willing to help please contact Steve Cox at

Reminder – URC Supper and Quiz Night

Supper and Quiz Night on 29th March.  The closing date for replies is Friday, 21st March.  If you would like to attend, please let Pauline me know at:

Saturday 29th March 2014

at 7:30pm

Supper and Quiz Night

at the

Ye Olde Anchor Inn, Upton-upon-Severn


Please choose one of the following


Homemade 100% beef Lasagne

Mascarpone & Pancetta Bacon Penne Pasta

Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne

Breaded Chicken Fillets with Chips

Steak & Kidney Shortcrust Pie

Wholetail Scampi, Chips & Peas


Supper followed by a fun quiz !


Teams of up to 4 players

(You can pick your team before or on the evening!)

£10.00 each

Deirde Thompson is looking for volunteers to sell tickets during this years Upton Jazz Festival. Ticket selling is done in three hour shifts throughout the festival weekend, starting on Thursday 26th June, through to Sunday 29th June. Some slots have been filled but a few more volunteers are needed. Ticket sellers get a free weekend ticket and the slots are usually filled by a pair of people. If anyone can help would they please contact Deirde at

The last mini-head of the winter was held on 16th March Dec with 6 boats participating. The conditions were pretty much perfect, the sun shone and it hit about 17deg C. Whichever method of timekeeping we use, it seems our new friends in the double blitzed us all.

Crew Boat Time Basic Ranking Boat Sex Age Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Matt + C4x 00:32:16 2 0.962 1.000 0.975 00:30:16 3
Johnny + F4x 00:33:15 3 0.962 1.000 0.923 00:29:31 2
Pauline + WF4+ 00:39:01 4 0.935 0.909 0.923 00:30:36 4
Julian/Tab MixD2x 00:31:50 1 0.901 0.952 0.958 00:26:09 1
Linda/Helen WE2x 00:40:14 5 0.901 0.909 0.943 00:31:04 5
Peter + Rec4+ 00:41:36 6 0.935 0.926 0.943 00:33:58 6

Due to the continuing poor river conditions the mini-head scheduled for January was cancelled. Instead a 12,500m ergo challenge was held in the boatshed with the following results:

  • Sally, Judi, John, Maurice, Wendy   49.53 secs
  • Trish, Deirdre, Dan, Ian, Matt          51.14 secs
  • Jo, Debbie, Linda, Helen, Duncan    52.32 secs

…..and Keith the Seal decided to put in an appearance at Upton Marina this weekend !


A mini-head was held on 15th Dec with 11 boats participating (surely a record ?). It was an eventful morning with some sections of the river resembling the Bay of Biscay and some interesting steering challenges !

The results are as follows, with Johnny Birks’ quad being the fastest boat on the day, but with Sally and Debbie in the pair winning overall using the handicap adjusted times.

Handicap adjustments
Crew Boat Time Basic Ranking Boat Sex Age Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Sally/Debbie WA2- 00:35:07 4 0.85 0.90 1.000 00:26:52 1
Maggie + WE4x 00:33:23 2 0.96 0.90 0.939 00:27:05 2
Matt B1x 00:36:38 5 0.79 1.00 0.989 00:28:37 3
Ron F1x 00:40:10 9 0.79 1.00 0.916 00:29:04 4
Andy/Judy MixG2x 00:38:37 6 0.89 0.95 0.893 00:29:09 5
Johnny + F4x 00:33:14 1 0.96 1.00 0.916 00:29:13 6
Trish/Dee WB2x 00:39:09 7 0.89 0.90 0.989 00:31:01 7
Mike + C4x 00:33:28 3 0.96 1.00 0.974 00:31:18 8
Freya + WE4+ 00:39:51 8 0.93 0.90 0.939 00:31:19 9
Helen/Lynne WE2x- 00:43:30 10 0.89 0.90 0.939 00:32:43 10
Peter + MixF4x+ 00:45:51 11 0.94 0.95 0.916 00:37:30 11

Committee Meeting Minutes Nov 2013

The minutes of the November URC Committee Meeting can be found here

Reminder – Facebook & Twitter

There are now both Facebook and Twitter accounts for Upton RC and I would encourage as many people as possible to use these as it will help with our club communications. Just click on the logos at the top of this page and it will take you to each site where you can either join the Facebook group or follow Upton RC on Twitter.

If you don’t yet use Facebook or Twitter, then now is your chance !