Well done to everyone who took part in today’s mini head. Thank you also to our starters Ian and Andrew and our finishers Bruce and Marc.

Here are the results and a selection of photos from Ron:

Crew Boat Boat Type Time Basic Ranking Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Jules, Tab Own Boat Mx D 2x 00:19:23 1 00:15:56 1
Liz, Maggie, James + Birmingham Tourquing Heads Mx E 8+ 00:19:29 2 00:17:29 5
Linda, Trish, Pippa, Jo Micheal Roberts W E 4x 00:20:31 3 00:16:54 3
Sally, Debs Big Ron W B 2x 00:20:45 4 00:16:49 2
Stu Winnie The Pooh M C 1x 00:20:59 5 00:16:54 3
Chris H, Maurice C'est La Vie M E 2x 00:21:51 6 00:18:33 7
Daisy, Annie Red Mist W J17 2x 00:22:00 7 00:18:01 6
John A, Paula, Helen, Sandra Gabby Mx F 4x 00:22:25 8 00:18:56 9
Olly, Sue, Mandie, Janine Kay W C 4x 00:22:52 9 00:19:29 10
Colin, Malcolm, Clive, Peter, Freya Jumbo M H 4+ 00:23:05 10 00:18:55 8
Rob, John K, Mark, Amy, Debra Steve Cox Mx C 4+ 00:25:51 11 00:22:26 11


Well done to everyone who took part in today’s mini head. Great turnout including lots on new members and some good racing. Thank you also to our starters Peter and Matt and our finishers Bruce and Marc.

Here are the results:

Crew Boat Boat Type Time Basic Ranking Adjusted Time Adjusted Ranking
Jules Own Boat M E 1x 00:19:41 1 00:15:20 1
Rich, Jon C'est La Vie M C 2x 00:19:51 2 00:17:26 4
Sally, Debbie Big Ron W B 2x 00:21:29 3 00:17:24 3
Stuart Piglet M C 1x 00:21:33 4 00:17:22 2
Chris, Pippa, Trish, Lance Gabby Mx D 4x 00:21:44 5 00:19:04 8
Johnny, Paula, Helen, Sandra Kay Mx F 4x 00:22:58 6 00:19:24 10
Andrew, Sue Miss Erica Mx E 2x 00:23:05 7 00:18:40 7
Callum, Taylor Double Jeopardy M J16 2x 00:23:27 8 00:21:08 11
Jo, Linda Own Boat W F 2x 00:23:28 9 00:17:44 5
Daisy, Annie Red Mist W J17 2x 00:23:38 10 00:19:21 9
Mike Own Boat M F 1x 00:23:42 11 00:18:04 6
Olly, Deirdre, John D, Janine Michael Roberts Mx D 4x 00:24:09 12 00:21:11 12
Archie Winnie the Pooh M J16 1x 00:25:50 13 00:21:21 13
Robert, Sherian, Kate, Harriet, Freya Jumbo Edwards Mx B 4+ 00:29:32 14 00:26:00 14
Debra, John K, Mark, Pauline, Ian Steve Cox Mx E 4+ 00:31:17 15 00:26:15 15

Upton boat club saw a much overdue reunion for 19 rowers from squads coached by Rob Gibson over a period of 20 years. Two viiis boated with crews selected to be of matched total mass and Ian and Linda from the home club kindly took charge of the coxing seats. The crews contained Henley winners (and losers !) and representatives of Wales, England and Great Britain along with at least 20 national Gold medals and crew members from some of the best university and club crews in the country.  The two matched crews produced some highly spirited and competitive rowing before retiring to a very pleasant Sunday lunch at Ye Old Anchor Inn. Many thanks to all at the club for making us all so welcome, you may well see us all again.

PS the 1999 quad may well be racing at next years at Masters…..

Upton held their annual beginners’ regatta with entries from the region’s clubs. The home crews did well having only started the learn to row course in May. The Upton C crew of Rob Haynes, Sherian Salter, Jayne Leighton and Harriet C ourt, coxed by Thompson, beat Gloucester and Bridgnorth B before falling to Oxford Academical B in the semi-finals. The Upton B crew of Sara Beadon, Kate Lang, Laura Sadler and Amy Parton, coxed by Steve Cox, lost in their heat to Bridgnorth A who were the eventual regatta winners.  In the plate event they defeated Stourport and Bewdley/Upton but lost to Ross in the final. The Upton A crew of Jon Robinson, Nikola Pearson, Sue Pain and Jonh Kevany, coxed by Linda Scott, fell in their heat to Stourport and were beaten by Stratford in the plate. Upton’s Mark and Debra Doherty and cox Clive Allport teamed up with Bewdley but lost to Oxford Academical A and then Upton B in the plate.

Chester Scrivener made his debut as a cox.


Upton were well represented at Worcester Regatta. The women’s masters F double of Jo Hammett and Linda Scott beat North Staffordshire, Derwent and then Minerva Bath in the final. Ed Pountney defeated Worcester and Bristol Ariel in the singles before going down to AB Severn in the final. He also joined an East India Club rower in losing to Birmingham in the double. Women’s master B/C doubles Sally Miles and Debbie Thompson saw off Bristol Ariel but went down in the final to Ironbridge.

Archie Tyrell, in the boys’ J16 single sculls, beat Worcester before losing the final to Burton Leander. Lucy Tyrell went out of the girls’ J14 single sculls to Burton Leander and Alice Jeffrey fell to Hollowell Scullers. The women’s masters E quad of Scott, Trish Scorer, Pippa Riddle and Hammett were defeated by Minerva Bath. In the mixed masters E doubles, Andrew Scott and Sue Macgregor were also beaten by Minerva Bath. The mixed masters B double of Stuart Edney and Thompson suffered defeat to Warwick.