Club Blades

Club blades spoons are in club colours or white, all marked with tape banding to identify a set and should be kept in their sets when stored in the racks.
Sets of blades are geared to specific measurements and should not be mixed with other sets. Do not adjust the settings without the Captain’s permission.
Other blades are privately owned and used only with the owner’s permission.
White banded sets are higher geared than other sets
Respect your technique and your back: don’t be over-geared


Boat Type Make Spoon Colour Colour Banding
M4x Xcell Club 2x White
W4x COMP Crocker Club Red & Yellow
Lwt. W / Junior 4x Xcell Club Blue & Red
M4x COMP Xcell Club White & Yellow
M2x / W2x Xcell Club Green/Yellow & Grey
M2x / W2x Concept 2 Club Yellow & Blue
W2x COMP Win Tec Club White & Blue
W2x Concept 2 Club Blue
M1x Xcell Club White & Red
W1x Concept 2 Club Grey & Blue
W1x Concept 2 Club None – Junior
M/W4x Dreissigacker White 2x Green/Yellow & White
M/W4x Dreissigacker White 2x Yellow & White
M1x (L2R) Drakkar – Macon Club none
M1x Lwt./ L2R Hi-Loc Green none


Boat Type Make Spoon Colour Colour Banding
M8+ Aylings Club Yellow
W8+ Crocker Club Yellow & Blue
M8+ COMP Win Tec Club Grey & White
W4+ Crocker Club Yellow & Grey
M4+ Crocker Club 1x White
M4+ / W4- Crocker Club Blue & Grey
M2- Dreissigacker Club 2x White
W2- Dreissigacker Club 2x Yellow
Pair- L2R Dreissigacker (Macon) Club Yellow & Blue
Eight- L2R/ Recreation Dreissigacker (Macon) Club White & Yellow