Club Rowing

Club rowing is held twice a week.

Sunday Coached Club Rowing (10.30)

Please check here to see whether Sunday Crews is on or not.  The decision will be made and posted by 9.30 each week.

05/12/19. Sunday rowing will be on this week.

Coached Club Rowing on Sundays is for members to be able to improve and progress with your rowing/ sculling or both. Three main categories are-

  1. Rowers/ scullers who wish to improve and are able to commit time to train in order to compete in heads and regattas, but may or may not currently be attending squad sessions run by Ron.
  2. Less experienced rowers who have recently learned to row and / or scull and wish to progress with the help of more coaching, with or without a view to progressing to competitions
  3. Experienced rowers/ scullers who wish to continue to improve their rowing, keep fit, possibly compete in club mini heads, but may not want to commit to the time/training needed for external competition.

Crews will be flexible and could be made up of more experienced rowers sitting in with less experienced rowers, giving tuition from within boats.
Coaching, when available, can be given from launches, or via experienced coxes.

DSC_0023aTo enable this to run we will need prior commitment by Wednesday evening each week, from all those who wished to be involved so that crews can be sorted out based on what coaching is available each week. Emails stating your availability should be sent to:

We hope that this will help people improve and get better outings, possibly enabling the formation of new crews , whether sweep or sculling, competitive or not. Everyone is welcome – it is not intended to exclude anyone.

Anyone not wanting to take part in this are still welcome to come down and go out on Sunday mornings, but will need to arrange their own outings. However priority for boats, blades and other equipment will need to be given to support the organised 10.30 session.

Wednesday evenings (18:30 Starting early April)

The Club meets at the Boathouse in Upton Marina for members who want to meet with others and form ‘scratch’ crewsClub Rowing Autumn 2013 for an informal outing either sweep-oar or sculling. Members may just turn up and crews will be formed on arrival.