Junior Rowing

When the junior section meet

We meet at 10.15 am on every Saturday through-out the year. There is a short warm up on ergos (indoor rowing machines) before being sorted into crews which we aim to get onto the water by 10.45am. The session normally ends around 12.30pm

What the junior section offers

Some of the URC juniors who competed at Llandaff Regatta in July with two-time Olympic Gold Medallist Helen Glover MBE

Some of the URC juniors who competed at Llandaff Regatta in July with two-time Olympic Gold Medallist Helen Glover MBE

The youngest juniors we take are 10 years old. They are taught to scull (two oars) in stable boats with floats on the end of the riggers. These floats can be fitted to single and double sculls as well as quads (4 scullers).

Initially we teach them on the more sheltered waters of the marina but as they build their skills, watermanship and confidence we progress on to the river. We always have a rescue / coaching launch in attendance for all junior sessions.

As they progress they will learn how to race using standing starts, short high intensity pieces of around 500m and longer sustained sculling over several kilometres; these latter pieces are typical of winter racing against the clock known as ‘head races’.

When they are ready to race, normally after one or two years, they will join the adults at regattas in and around the West Midland region.


Junior fees for 2019/20 are £130 per year or £60 per term which allows the three payments to be spread over the year. Please note that membership is for the whole year even if paid by the term. The club year starts in September after the AGM. If a member joins part way through a year, the subscription is normally charged pro-rata.

Parent Involvement

Upton is an amateur rowing club run entirely by volunteers, and in the junior section we encourage parents to support our team of coaches in various ways.  These include various tasks ranging from coordinating, safety launch driving and helping get boats on and off the water.  But to grow the section further we need:

  1. More experienced or qualified coaches
  2. More launch drivers
  3. An assistant to work with the club welfare adviser who will also help with DBS checks (which used to be known as CRB)
  4. Fund raising
  5. Regatta entry coordinator
  6. Trailer driving
  7. Support at regattas – safeguarding as well as boat rigging etc.
  8. Assisting our boat master with boat maintenance.

…and many more jobs that will help the junior section grow and thrive.

Applying for junior membership

You can make an enquiry about junior membership by using the form below. This also invites details about what you as a parent or guardian are prepared to do and what useful skills you may bring with you.

If learning to become a coach is of interest, then British Rowing runs courses for ‘Session Coaches’ which do not require much prior knowledge.

Junior Enquiry Form