Regatta 2013

Upton Beginners Regatta 15th Sept 2013

This year’s regatta went very well, with some excellent rowing from all 18 crews. The storms that had been forecast thankfully did not appear right up until the point of de-rigging at the end. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe racing got off slightly behind schedule but there were some strong competitions in the first round (as well as a couple of bits of gardening !). Unfortunately none of Upton’s rowers were successful in the first round so moved to the plate competition. In the following rounds of both the plate and main competition, there was tight racing as crews started to relax and put in strong performances. Upton’s second row against Bewdley C was a tight race but the ladies squeezed through with a win of 3 feet. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The composite crew stroked by Judi and coxed by Liz put in a strong win against Stourport C. Sheila joined Stourport E crew and put up a good battle but were overpowered by Worcester. The plate semi-final put the Upton crew against Bewdley B, and dispatched them with a strong 3 length win. The other plate semi final put the composite crew against Worcester.  This was a very tight battle with blades clashing down the course. Worcester slowly edged ahead but a late push by the composite crew was bringing them back and they regained an overlap as they both approached the finish line. Unfortunately a couple of strokes from home Worcester drifted to the other lane and impeded the chasers. A difficult and controversial call allowed the results to stand. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe plate final was therefore a local derby of Upton vs Worcester. Again a tight battle as Upton’s ladies had a 4 second handicap start and were chased strongly by Worcester’s mixed crew. Worcester proved the stronger crew against headwinds and won the Plate competition by 2 1/2 lengths.

The main competition was producing tight racing with wins as close as 2 feet. Pengwern A ladies crew were proving to be very competent rowers and ended up against a strong male Stourport D crew in the final. Pengwern had an 8 second start plus 1/2 boat length stagger on the town side, leaving a Stourport a big gap to close. They both rowed well, but the power of Stourport’s men meant they just managed to catch and overtake the ladies before the line, winning by 1 length. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the 3 way sculling competition, Annie coxed the Stratford scullers in a good battle against Abingdon but lost their 1st round by 1/2 length. They then put in good race, beating Monmouth by 31/2 lengths. However Abingdon also beat Monmouth by 3 lengths and so won that competition.