Recreational Rowing Trips
This ranges from relatively short tours along stretches of the Severn and/or the Avon organised by the Club’s Recreational Rowing Committee, to participation in three to five day tours elsewhere in the UK or further afield often organised by British Rowing. For further information about recreational rowing contact the Recreational Captain.
The Regattas
Each September the Club hosts a ‘Beginners’ Regatta’ for crews comprising of people who have taken up rowing in the twelve-month period prior to the regatta. It offers a popular focus for new recruits to the sport to experience competitive rowing and is supported by Clubs from across the region.

Notice of the arrangements for the Beginners’ Regatta is distributed to local Clubs each summer and additional information, including entry forms are posted on the club website.
Winter Mini-Heads
During the winter season, the Club Committee organises monthly Head/processional races which are open to all members with sufficient experience to complete the distance involved (a warm-up row upstream of just over 5km to the start of the race, then a timed return over the 5km course to finish the race just below Upton Bridge). To add to the authenticity of the racing, the finishing times for each crew are adjusted to take account of the boat type and the age/gender of the members of each crew.
Other Events & Holidays
 Popular social events include summer BBQs, a Mince Pie & Mulled Wine Christmas get-together, the annual Club Dinner and occasional quizzes / skittles evenings.Informally, members enjoy a coffee (or something stronger) in a local hostelry after training which is a great opportunity for people from different crews and with different levels of rowing experience to mix and socialise.

Off the water, the Club offers a winter training camp featuring a week of cross-country skiing in the Austrian Alps.
This is open to all members of the club and no previous skiing experience is necessary.
Members are circulated with joining information.
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